Looking for a new kind of agency?

We’re not an ad agency, yet we’re passionately creative.
We’re not a media company, yet we’re all about channels.
We’re not an events agency, yet we deliver them everywhere.
We’re not a film company, yet we make stories real.
We’re not a consultancy, yet our strategy guides everything.
We’re not an HR company, yet we’re people driven.

Welcome to the new normal.

We are a full-service brand experience agency, that transforms everyday business encounters into rewarding brand experiences.

Welcome to Neonormal.

News + Views

5 Steps to Building a Brand Experience

A brand experience platform can help to bridge the marketing/HR divide to drive tangible bottom line results, writes Karen Monaghan. With today’s consumers considering the values and cultural attributes of businesses before purchase and preferring to transact with those they trust and respect, responsibility for brand values and the brand experience can no longer be split…

What The Heck Is Immersive Customer Experience?

It sounds a little like a Monty Python sketch. “So, apart from the scams… and the rising costs… and only a single category linking creativity and effectiveness… and Publicis withdrawing from entering… and global giant Sir Martin Sorrell again asking difficult questions… the Cannes Lions advertising festival is fit for today’s world.” But it isn’t. Case…

Yes, You Can Measure Brand Experience

Marketers often believe brand experience or experiential marketing can’t be measured. And we all know that in today’s data-driven marketing environment, it’s almost impossible to mobilise budget for activity without having tangible results that clearly demonstrate ROI. All too often, this means experiential activity is overlooked or is the first thing to go when budgets…