MSFW/MMW for City of Melbourne

Few cities do arts and culture quite like Melbourne. Whether it’s in a colourful laneway, hushed gallery, grimy pub stage or state of the art cinema, the city is a living canvas of performances, storytelling and passion.

As an advisor on the City of Melbourne’s Arts and Culture Panel, Neonormal plays an integral role in bringing to life two of the city’s flagship festivals – the glamorous Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and edgier Melbourne Music Week.

From strategic consultation and creative development, to on the ground implementation, event production and stakeholder management, we used our in-depth insight into the target market to design memorable major public events that connected emotionally with this wonderful city and those who live in it.

What we did

  • Major Public Event Creative Consultation
  • Festival Environment Design
  • Festival Engagement & Activations
  • Sponsor & Stakeholder Management
  • Arts, Culture & Brand Consultancy