We are Neonormal

Our team is anything but ordinary.
We come from everywhere, and we’ve experienced it all. That’s what fuels our curiosity and makes us experts in brand experience. Get to know us below.

Tyson Carr

Director & Architect & Tailor

Tyson Carr, Director

Madeleine Preece

Director & Strategist & Florist

Madeleine Preece – Director

Emma Kinlon

General Manager & Number Lover & Blues Singer

Emma Kinlon, General Manager

Joel Cogger

Creative Director & Songwriter & Film Buff

Joel Cogger – Creative Director

Emma Holder

Creative Director & Collaborator & Baker

Emma Holder

Carly Holland

Account Director & Typophile & French Bulldog Parent

Carly Holland, Producer

Jonah Jones

Executive Producer & Visionary & Relator

Jonah Jones, Executive Producer

Jane Hill

Senior Producer & Music Junkie & Optimist

Jane Hill, Senior Producer

Kelly Birch

Producer & Selachimorphaphile & Challenger

Kelly Birch

Lydia Madge

Associate Producer & Explorer & Pickling Fanatic

Lydia Madge, Associate Producer

Simone Parwak

Production Coordinator & Social Animal & Hugger

Simone Parwak, Production Coordinator