Emma Kinlon, General Manager

Emma Kinlon

General Manager

Emma has worked in the ad industry for over 10 years, in agencies such as McCann London, CHE Proximity and Saatchi & Saatchi. Her tool belt contains a bit of everything — integrated production, operations, resource management, team leadership — but she moved to Neonormal because of her love of making impossible projects a reality.

Her whole life is lived in spreadsheets, and she doesn’t miss a trick. But Emma’s miraculously managed to balance fierce pragmatism with a passion for people, and loves getting the best out of others with a bit of cheeky humour. We love her dedication to healthy teams and work culture — a lot more than we love her jokes. As a Brit who moved here 6 years ago without a single regret, Emma may be Pantone-Swatch-level fussy about her tea, but she’s the spoonful of sugar that keeps our agency humming.

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