An audacious virtual workshop designed to intrigue, not fatigue

The Grid \ Exploratory Workshop


To energise a exploratory meeting with Victoria’s leading visionaries and change-makers, discussing ‘Reopening Melbourne as a world-class business acceleration, investment and innovation hub’, we needed to think outside the typical ‘calendar invite’ box.


Russel Howcroft opens the meeting with a story that recognises the passionate Melbournians who in the 1990s led the charge of reinvention, rebuilding Melbourne through the recession into the world’s most liveable city. We wanted to allude to this narrative by creating a tangible experience that each virtual attendee could undergo collectively.


Neonormal designed a bespoke package, hand-delivered to each meeting attendee’s home, wrapped in paper that referenced Melbournes’ ‘Hoddle Grid’. We replaced the street names to symbolise what it was like for Melbourne during the recession in the early 90s. Attendees were instructed to tear open the package and throw away the wrapping to express the notion that we have come too far, to regress to Slump Street in the Struggle State.

Inside, we designed and framed a print which represents the opportunity to redefine the Grid, to shape a bold new future of business investment and economic growth and to reopen and reinvent Melbourne as a world-class innovation hub.

Guests were delighted to receive a personalised package to unify the virtual experience.

Thanks so much for the lovely frame and inspiring letter today. I have never been so excited to be attending a Zoom meeting!

Gonul Serbest

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