Chobani – Rebrand \ 2018 Cannes Picks

As competition began flooding supermarket shelves, industry leader Chobani had a decision to make — continue to trade on loyalty from customers doing what it had always done, or mix things up a little.

In a strategic move, ahead of any perceived necessity, they decided to rebrand. Determined that this would not just be a case of ‘swapping out the logo’, Chobani created custom type, illustration styles, photography and motion graphic treatments, and a platform to launch it all from — a belief in the power of good food, an imperative to better themselves, their communities and the planet. A fight for happily ever after.

You can read the specifics of their Cannes awards submission below:

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The PR idea was to cast the story as “Chobani sets stage for growth beyond yogurt.” We hoped this would have three benefits:

• Shift coverage from focusing on the vision rather than the technical merits of the new brand.
• Make the rebrand come across as an action of strength rather than weakness.
• Make the story feel bigger.



• Executed over a one-month period, our plan culminated in a November 28 announcement.
• We foreshadowed the rebrand with different teaser messages under yogurt cup lids.
• We held “Learn & Celebrate” events at Chobani’s various facilities. It included a speech from the founder on the evolved company vision, a presentation from the CMO on the evolved brand, new brand merchandise, and tasting samples from the innovation pipeline to show how Chobani would live into this new brand.
• We held two experiential events called “Sneak-Peek Salons” on the eve of launch, which gave journalists and influencers access to exclusive content, interviews with Chobani leaders, and a taste of the innovation pipeline.
• We held a 310-person launch party to generate enthusiasm, social content, and momentum for the rebrand and vision.



OBJECTIVE: Achieve 150 media placements

• 490 media placements (3x greater than planned)

OBJECTIVE: Earn 100MM PR impressions

• 10.5B total impressions (28MM were paid impressions)
• 840k impressions earned from the Launch Party & Salons
• Social influencer engagement outperformed historical benchmark by 76%

OBJECTIVE: Earn 75% positive online sentiment

• 95% positive online sentiment (3% neutral)
• Social video completion rates outperformed historical benchmarks by 29% on Instagram, and 19% on Facebook



Before & After Before & AfterThe new Chobani lineup

Colour palette and mood boards

Photography style


Emma Holder, Senior Designer
By Emma Holder

Posted June 25, 2018

Emma is a graphic and communications designer at Neonormal. She loves designing for the physical environment, and blending logic with playfulness in everything she creates. As a Kiwi, she’s also an avid ‘tramper,’ so you’ll find her out exploring Victoria’s hiking trails when she’s not at her desk.