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  • Untold Melbourne \ 2018 Australian Event Awards Finalist

    Neonormal wins big in Spring

    Well, September was an exciting month for the Neonormal crew. On top of delivering a host of immersive brand experiences with our friends at Tennis Australia, Alibaba and Infiniti, we also scored a…

  • Premier’s Design Awards \ Quinn Chow on Service Design

    Earlier this week, Neonormal was pleased to accept the Premier’s Design Awards in the ‘Best Service Design’ category for our Karitane Concept Store. In the video above, Jury Panelist Quinn Chow explains…

  • The Trash Isles – Identity \ 2018 Cannes Picks

    In a sea of causes and problems, it’s tough to make one issue stand out? And when that issue is a literal island of garbage, your audience would all rather turn their…

  • Chobani – Rebrand \ 2018 Cannes Picks

    As competition began flooding supermarket shelves, industry leader Chobani had a decision to make — continue to trade on loyalty from customers doing what it had always done, or mix things up…

  • McDonald’s – Follow the Arches \ 2018 Cannes Picks

    Whether you’re lovin’ it, or a h8r — McDonald’s is everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to go for a drive of any length without catching a glimpse of those famous golden arches. But…

  • Curator Roland Henry and Chris Naish, CEO of The Reach Foundation unveil a first look at 'Untold' for press in Cremorne.

    Untold Melbourne 2018 – First Look

    9 Days. 25 Artists. $1 Million for The Reach Foundation. This is ‘Untold’. This week, press got a first look at Untold Melbourne 2018 – an ambitious project Neonormal is creating for…

  • Wickens' new brand identity

    A Fresh Brand Identity for Wickens

    Inspired by place. Driven by passion. Crafted with precision. Head approximately 260 kilometres west of Melbourne, and at the foot of Mount Sturgeon in the southern tip of the beautiful Great Dividing…

  • Neonormal

    Why Car Brands Can’t Advertise Their Way Out of This One

    There’s something inherently wrong with the two least-trusted professions – car salespeople and advertisers – trying to convince people to make the second biggest purchase decision of their lives, writes Taryn Atkinson.…

  • Yes We Cannes

    Yes, We Cannes

    Every year, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity sets the marketing and advertising world abuzz, as we get inspired by brilliant thinking, smart executions, and shiny new ideas. 

  • Neonormal

    Insights & Inspiration About the World We Live In. That’s Ampersand Thinking

    In a world where change is the new normal, it’s more important than ever to get a better understanding of the forces shaping our culture, businesses and lives.