Untold Melbourne 2018 – First Look

9 Days. 25 Artists. $1 Million for The Reach Foundation. This is ‘Untold’.

This week, press got a first look at Untold Melbourne 2018 – an ambitious project Neonormal is creating for our client Caydon Property Group at the Malt District in Cremorne, in an effort to raise $1 million for The Reach Foundation.

Our team has been working for almost a year with renowned art curator Roland Henry (of Studio Supply) and the crew at Reach to turn an abandoned 3-story warehouse under the iconic Nylex sign into an immersive, multi-level urban art experience. Featuring work by 25 of the world’s top street artists — including Insa, Anthony Lister, Elle, Ben Eine, Michael Peck and Julian Clavijo — Untold is going to be an unmissable event that uses hidden, unseen and forgotten spaces to tell arresting visual stories. With proceeds from each ticket, auction and event going directly to the incredible work that Reach does with young people across Australia, this is one story we’re extremely proud to bring to life.

Untold opens Friday, April 20th.

Get tickets here: untold.melbourne/tickets

If you’d like to get involved and support Untold and The Reach Foundation, get in touch with us.


The Untold project is part of Neonormal’s pro bono portfolio strategy, which focuses on work in and for the communities we’re passionate about. For over two years, we’ve been finding ways to give back, while also engaging our employees in projects they care about. For more examples, view our work on Karitane’s Early Parenting centres