A new nimble approach to Neonormal service

Being in the midst of a cultural and business shift, clients not only have higher expectations, but different expectations. Brand integrity and accountability has moved from ideology to the norm. 

ROI and affordability are good things in their own right, though now more than before, we’re seeing greater rigour placed on measuring success to the bottom line and more B2B and B2C budgets being escalated to CFO level for approval. This is interestingly contrasted with new client job roles around integrity, sustainability and diversity and the B2E briefs we’re seeing.  

A brand’s transformative power remains key to engaging employees, partners and customers, yet a more nimble and fast approach is needed to deliver results. Two big moves in the engagement space, making it easy and secure to buy the Neonormal service include:

Credit Card and Payment Plans

Our resolve to clients’ new financial year procurement lag is via credit card and payment plans. Just like buying a new suit on Afterpay, we offer four easy payments that help brands get their audience engagement firing STAT.

Always-on Subscription Service

An always-on subscription service ensures our team is available to support with work overflow due to headcount limits or gaps in your resource capacity and capability. We’re the quick-witted, always-on support team for clients who need to communicate in a professional and polished way to various audience and stakeholder groups across the year. Think awards and recognition programs, product and sales training sessions, town-hall meetings, AGMs, celebratory events and launches…our subscription supports you across pre-event, live event and post-event communications to deliver maximum engagement and a professional brand experience.

The Product Delivery

Combining marketing-centric insights with brand thinking and production expertise, we’re helping teams deliver ‘barrier-free’ engagement with B2E + B2B + B2C groups. We’re here for all your people, no matter where they are – onsite, online, offsite and on the sidelines.

Fortnightly payments cover the four phases as illustrated below.


If you have a project or ongoing need we’re open to conversations of all types – so let’s chat.

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By Jonah Jones

Posted July 08, 2021

Jonah Jones is Client Development Director at Neonormal. Jonah believes that energetic and connected experiences positively transform the culture of companies, their people and their community and ‘heart’ projects that inspire people to do what they love and love what they do.