Wickens' new brand identity

A Fresh Brand Identity for Wickens

Inspired by place. Driven by passion. Crafted with precision.

Head approximately 260 kilometres west of Melbourne, and at the foot of Mount Sturgeon in the southern tip of the beautiful Great Dividing Range, you’ll find one of the finest dining experiences in the country – Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel.

We’re delighted to help shape a new chapter of its story, creating a new brand identity, not only for the restaurant, but also for the much-loved Royal Mail Hotel itself.

The process.

We worked closely with the Royal Mail Hotel team through workshops, exploratory sessions and detailed research to get to the heart of the compelling intersection of food, people, place and wine that shapes every aspect of the Royal Mail Hotel experience.

Exploring the hotel’s history, geography and unique characteristics, we created identities for the restaurant and hotel that weave together a series of key elements. The bold yet refined craftsmanship of Head Chef Robin Wickens, the distinctive and unequalled impact of the famous kitchen garden, a beautiful palette of earth and sky and, in a nod to its staging post heritage, a typeface traced from the lettering of an old Royal Mail postage stamp.

Inspired by its beautiful setting, natural ingredients and endless imagination, we have created simple yet sophisticated identities that are being rolled out across a wide range of touchpoints, both big and small.

Exploring brand territories
Wickens Menu
Concept sketches
Wickens Stationery example
The entrance to the new building
Wickens' new brand identity
Entrance to Wickens
Blue eye, kohlrabi juice and asparagus
The team at Wickens
Wickens Stationery example
Robin Wickens' open-plan kitchen


With a shared ambition to create something fresh and distinctive, we’re now excited to be working with the Royal Mail Hotel team to go beyond a new identity and help shape a revitalised brand experience that reflects all of the elements that make The Royal Mail Hotel so remarkable.

Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel is open for bookings. Head to the new website to check out our work and to arrange your next visit.


Paul Edwards, Creative Director
By Paul Edwards

Posted November 10, 2017

Paul is Neonormal’s story-driver. He loves shaping brand experiences that make a difference and bringing our clients’ stories to life in genuinely exciting ways. He also fancies himself a bit of a wine connoisseur, and makes a formidable trivia teammate.