Building appreciation with an interactive experience for CSR Hebel

CSR Hebel \ Interactive Display


CSR Hebel’s new building material is cost effective, stronger and more environmentally friendly than concrete. But it’s not front-of-mind for most home buyers and builders in Australia. So we designed an interactive experience to introduce CSR Hebel to new audiences, and convince them to take it home.


To get the interest of potential builders and buyers, we knew we needed to move beyond traditional brochure-and-sample displays that are common in showrooms everywhere. Instead, we decided to tell the Hebel story with an interactive experience — including a multi-screen display mounted in a custom-made unit that we installed in several showrooms around Australia.

We built a showcase for CSR Hebel’s unique properties, using a multi-story mix of 3D animation, interactive galleries, a visualisation tool and even a digital quiz. Visitors could explore the choose-your-own adventure at their own pace, discovering, styles, features and benefits the interested them — before e-mailing themselves customised renders of their new Hebel home. 

Alongside the interface, we provided visual breakdown of Hebel’s key ingredients. We also connected users with brand ambassadors who continued the conversation in person. 


The results have been rock solid. Our in-built measurement systems show impressive dwell times and greater levels of engagement than any previous static displays — and CSR Hebel sales have built year-on-year as a result.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Design + Build
  • Interactive Display
  • Digital Content
  • Logistics