Where the brand becomes the message and the fingers do the talking!

BIG4 & The Wiggles \ Make a BIG4


BIG4 came to us with the challenge 
of connecting Wiggles fans with the brand through a fun, sharable activation that grabs attention, captures data and connects with an online audience.

There are many reasons BIG4 is a great fit for fans of the Wiggles… We can even count them on one hand! We only had a 45-minute window to make a connection with busy families as they queue for the live Wiggles show. Even with a BIG incentive, we needed something special to draw them out of the line. We needed a hands-on approach — an integrated campaign that engages BIG4’s key channels and boosts the physical pre-show experience for audiences.


Make a ‘BIG4’. It’s simple. Memorable. It’s for kids who are learning to count. There are four Wiggles. Four side characters. Four primary colours. And Four fingers on every hand.

With a clear, simple action, we made it easy for our little fans and their families to make a ‘BIG4’ on one hand. We created a fun, colourful pop-up activation that kids (and grown-ups) can interact with, take a fun photo and enter a competition. In addition to the activation, we created finger puppets for kids to ‘Wiggle Your Fingers!’ This give-away acted as a craft activity, campaign extension and competition all in one.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Design + Build
  • Events
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Influencer Engagement