An instagrammable ‘Infinity Field’ pop-up that created crowds for Deliveroo + Messina

Deliveroo \ Infinity Field



Visitors in 2 days


of attendees downloaded Deliveroo’s App


of Gelato Messina Milk samples devoured

The Challenge

To announce their exclusive partnership with Messina, Deliveroo asked us to create an activation that was “Instagrammable”, would get people talking, and drive brand awareness and engagement.

The Solution

Neonormal developed the #InfinityField – an interactive mirror installation featuring hundreds of ‘Messina milk’ bottles and views that went on forever.

Alongside the Infinity Field, we installed an old-school Milk Bar, giving customers a taste of the 4 new limited edition Messina Milk flavours.

The results spoke for themselves. Queues of curious customers stretched around city blocks for hours. Influencers and social-media-ites posted ‘infinite selfies’. And every delicious drop of Messina Milk was devoured by the end of the day!

What we did

  • Design + Build
  • Product Launch
  • Live Experience
  • Digital + Social Engagement
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Queue Engagement