Creating an iconic experience for Peugeot’s Sunset Cinemaphiles

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When Peugeot partnered with the 
Sunset Cinema series, they wanted our 
help with leveraging the sponsorship — to connect with film fans, and engage potential Peugeot owners with a meaningful moment before their movie.


Sponsorships work best as a win/win/win — when brands align meaningfully with the property they’re supporting, and connect with what the fans are deeply passionate about

We also know that film audiences have a love/hate relationship with previews before a movie, with half paying rapt attention, and the other 
half playing on their phones. So we took hold of this little cultural moment to create an engaging brand experience at the ‘in between’ moment before the opening credits roll.

Along with vehicle displays, a VIP lawn lounge and branded touchpoints at Sunset Cinema events, we created Peugeot’s ‘Iconic Films’ — an interactive quiz for cinephiles, using their love of movies as a point of connection with the brand.

The clip showed a series of iconic movie titles 
on screen, using just the symbols found on a Peugeot dashboard. The audience solved clues and posted guesses to our online portal before the film started, engaging meaningfully with 
the brand around a shared love of film.

Peugeot's 'Iconic Films'

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