Capturing the emotion of tennis 
— and scoring brand love for Peugeot

Peugeot \ Tennis Partnership


2 Events

Brisbane + Sydney


Leads Delivered


Social Impressions Achieved


When Peugeot was established as the main auto sponsor for both the Brisbane and Sydney International Tournaments, brand recognition was strong. But they weren’t getting a whole lot of love from fans on ground.

Our task was to develop a unique brand activation campaign which connected Peugeot’s passion for tennis and their unique offer with what fans love about the game — all while building brand credibility and capturing qualified leads.


Inspired by Peugeot’s ‘motion and emotion’ brand proposition, we created a chronograph experience — bringing the passion, movement, and feeling of the game to life for those who matter most — the fans.

Guests were invited to take a racquet and ball into the chronograph booth and perform a motion (hit a backhand return, twirl on the spot, a serve or ball bounce, etc). The motion was then converted into an animated sequence and delivered to guests via text message, with a call to action to get 
social and share the experience online.

Positioned alongside the experience were the Peugeot SUV range, for guests to experience with the support of highly trained Brand Ambassadors who captured hot leads.

The Chronograph experience was a smash 
in both cities, even drawing in some top tournament players to get in on the action.

What we did

  • Partnership Strategy
  • Digital + Live Experience
  • Design + Build
  • Logistics
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Customer Journey
  • Measurement
  • VIP Corporate Hospitality
  • Fleet Livery