Turning a Melbourne icon into an immersive street art exhibition for the Reach Foundation

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The Challenge

Back in 2017, the CEO of Caydon, Joe Russo, and his executive board decided to use their developer skills to support their local community. They approached us with the goal of creating a landmark fundraiser for The Reach Foundation, donating a long-abandoned warehouse beneath the silos of the iconic Nylex clock tower to be transformed into a pop-up street art gallery.

The Solution

Neonormal worked closely with Caydon, curator Roland Henry and the team at Reach, to transform the iconic space from an abandoned warehouse with no power and water, into an immersive, multi-sensory, three-story urban art exhibition.

The first piece of the puzzle was the brand identity. Inspired by the concept of transformation, realised potential and extraordinary creativity, Neonormal created the ‘Untold’ brand identity, bringing to life the unseen stories of people, places and space. The brand identity and look and feel, was rolled out across billboards, posters, digital and social media, getting the word out to thousands of Melbournites.

The Event

Untold opened its doors on the 21st April, for 11 packed out days, featuring installations by 26 of the hottest street + urban artists from Australia and around the world, including Adnate, INSA, Lister, The London Police, Elle, Ben Eine, Julian Clavijo and more. Untold raised money for The Reach Foundation through a combination of ticket sales, partnerships, limited edition prints, online auctions of artwork and a programme of supplementary fundraising events.

As the event gained traction and publicity from publications like The Age, Broadsheet, The Urban List, 7 News, news.com.au and an organic social media presence of around 5,000 followers, we were able to successfully place Reach in the spotlight and significantly increase their fundraising opportunities.



In total, Untold raised nearly $400,000 for The Reach Foundation. But this event was about so much more than the dollars, for all the partners involved —

Caydon Property Developers – as a result of their generosity, Joe and his team not only fulfilled their personal passion of helping a charity so close to their hearts. In a sea of property developers with little differentiation, they stood up and stood out for something.

The Reach Foundation – Untold has made a profound impact on Reach, over and above the fundraising dollars. It has reignited a sense of burning pride and passion within the Reach team, as well as establishing a shift in the conversation from the sad passing of co-founder Jim Stynes, to the future of Reach. A future which is loud, proud, strong, innovative and still taking risks to this day.

Neonormal– Untold has brought benefits without measure, from internal pride and passion, to reinvigorated creative energy, to organic positive PR, to future business from attendees of the event and project partners. Untold has enabled deep and lasting strategic relationships. Relationships which will last a lifetime.

“In my 18 years at Reach, I’ve never seen or experienced anything like Untold. For me it’s more than an art event or fundraiser. Untold is the story of Reach. It’s a space where people have been free to express fully and without fear.”


What we did

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Design + Build
  • Events
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Communication
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Influencer Engagement