Transporting guests to Italy,
the heartland of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo \ Segmento Italian Festa



Soundscape Interactions


Games of Bocce played


Festival Attendees


Bring Alfa Romeo’s brand platform “Life’s better in Italian” to life at Melbourne’s iconic Italian Festa – driving brand awareness and active community engagement.


Sound as a medium has the power to build a sense of belonging within communities and it holds healing qualities that create transformative experiences. Corinna Falusi once said “When you listen, your imagination brings you to those places and situations even more intimately.”

Neonormal created a soundscape gallery that drew on the senses as it transported guests to bustling Roma piazza’s, chaotic marketplaces, grand opera concerts and Tuscan hillsides. Sounds synonymous with Italy melded powerfully with the sonics of Alfa Romeo vehicles.

The interactive and playful experience also invited guests to take part in a game of Italy’s favourite pastime – Bocce ball – an activity that was met with a deep sense of nostalgia with our predominantly Italian audience. We couldn’t think of a more fitting experience to showcase Alfa Romeo’s proud Italian Heritage brand.

What we did

  • Brand experience design
  • Soundscape activation
  • Live event management
  • Brand & Product Awareness
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Lead Generation