Elevating Tennis Australia’s Hospitality to New Heights

Tennis Australia \ Ate


In a first for Tennis Australia, we transformed Tennis HQ’s top floor office space into a premium hospitality experience — offering VIP guests an unparalleled view of Melbourne Park and the best seats in the house during the Australian Open.


To highlight the elevation and unique vantage of Level 8, our concept for the space played with height, perspective and viewpoints. We worked with Tennis Australia to create ‘ate’ — the ultimate bar and dining space at the Open.

From the entry — with lush greenery and topographic details on the ground floor — through to the dedicated, custom-wrapped elevators, guests were transported up to the space in style. Upon arrival on the top floor, tennis fans were greeted by an impressive trophy display, before walking through an optical illusion into the suite.

Every part of the space was designed to celebrate the incredible view — from the low lounges and open-plan dining areas, to the bespoke grid structures (inspired by the lines and nets of a tennis court) filled with native greens.

Artwork was created and curated to showcase unique aerial views, and instagram-worthy art installations encouraged guests to play with perspective. Meanwhile, visitors watching the buzz of the Festival below could discover interesting vantage points through wayfinding systems applied directly to the windows.

We created an indoor arbour structure — with copper metallics, white marble finishes and dressed with eucalypts — to house a stylish bar area with the feel of an outdoor plaza.

In secluded meeting rooms and private booths, custom-built furniture pieces added depth to each space, including an eight-layer dining table built as a three-dimensional topographic map.


With pleased clients, hundreds of VIP guests and tennis royalty treated to a spectacular show, and an office space completely transformed into a luxury suite — we served up next-level hospitality and an unbeatable vantage for Tennis Australia’s guests at the Australian Open.

Photography by Armelle Habib & Leo Farrell

What we did

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Design + Build
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Styling