Bringing Somerset cider to summer festivals for Thatchers

Thatchers \ Apple Cart


When Thatchers Cider asked Neonormal for help creating a unique sampling solution they could tour across Australia, we set about reinventing their wheels.


For over 100 years, the Thatchers have been passing on the family tradition of crafting apple cider the old-fashioned way in Somerset, England. So when they branched out into the Australian market, we knew we needed to showcase their ciders in an authentic brand experience highlighting the care and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

We distilled this brand promise into the Thatchers Apple Cart — a portable trailer concept which rolled up to events, and unfolded into a working bar, complete with draught cider on tap. The mobile bar had storage for display elements and product, so the bar could be tucked away when it was time to hit the road again.

Lovingly constructed with hand-painted timber finishes, custom cabinetry and rich detailing that evoked the 150-year-old oak vats used in the brewing process, the Apple Cart was a work of art — serving up an authentic taste of Somerset at festivals Australia wide.

What we did

  • Design + Build
  • Roadshow
  • Sampling
  • Product Launch
  • Festival Activation